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Big 3d set with cosmic illustrations


space 3d illustrations

3 characters

We’ve created 3 different characters. Choose one that you like most for your design projects

Ultra high quality renders


Big variety of funny poses.
cute astronaut searching
cute astronaut hugging
cute chilling
cute astronaut pointing
cute astronaut with star
star catching
cute astronaut thumbs up
cute astronaut star fishing
star fishing
cute astronaut achievement
cute astronaut like
thumbs up
cute astronaut with alien
hanging with alien
space skate
space skate
cute astronaut with laser
with laser

Made specially for Digital designers.

cute alien chilling
Peace to all Figma lovers!
cute astronaut
Space yeah!
space illustrations 3d pack cosmos illustrations 3d pack interface 3d icons

Where to use?

vivid 3d illustrations are Perfect for apps, landings or ads campaigns

ui 3d illustrations

Use details to make it pop

As they say “devil is in the details”. Along with characters we prepared small objects to make your product looking more professional
48 items


astronaut holding a gun
astronaut skating
cute 3d robot
ufo 3d illustration
astronaut thumbs up
astronaut thumbs up
astronaut with a yellow flag
astronaut with a yellow star
astronaut prototyping interface
hugging astronaut
space man 3d character
astronaut fishing stars
astronaut chilling
astronaut wih a blue crature
sputnik 3d illustration
blue creature with one eye
blue creature
blue creature with a yellow screen
blue creature skating in space
network provider illustration
3d alien illustraion
3d green alien chilling
green alien thumbs up
3d alien holding a star
3d alien prototyping
3d alien
3d alien with a yellow flag
3d alien thumbs up
hugging 3d alien
3d alien with a blue crature
3d alien with bluster
3d alien skating
404 illustration
space gun 3d illustration
magic circle 3d illustration
planet 3d illustration
planet 3d illustration
asteroid 3d illustration
asteroid 3d illustration
bright stars illustration
telescope 3d illustration
satellite 3d illustration
space rover 3d illustration
planet 3d illustration
spece rocket launch 3d illustration


•  3000x3000 resolution
•  3 characters
•  48 illustrations
•  12 different poses
•  PNG images
•  Blender, ready render
•  Figma file
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